Electrochemistry-based and electrochemistry-coupled characterization of energy storage materials


Abstract: Batteries are ubiquitous in our everyday lives and often appear as black boxes. However, the chemistry inherent to their function is diverse and complicated.  Examples of mechanistic insight gained from electrochemistry-based and electrochemistry-coupled characterization of energy storage materials will be highlighted in this presentation.  This will include approaches to distinguish productive and parasitic processes in functional energy storage materials and systems.

We are proud to present the Junior Faculty in Batteries: The Next Generation of Energy Storage virtual symposium that is taking place on December 10, 2021 from 10:30am-6:00pm EST, organized by Professor Lauren Marbella. This symposium features rising stars in the battery field who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of in-person meetings. Leaders in the energy storage field are presiding over sessions and discussions, including a panel on how to navigate the tenure and promotion process during COVID-19, with closing remarks by Nobel Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham. Early career researchers interested in attending can register to participate.


Valuating Lithium-ion Batteries in Power Grids as a Function of Chemistry and Market Choices

Abstract: Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular choice now for building grid-scale energy storage. Battery energy storage can profit by arbitrating price differences in electricity markets while at the same time aiding the integration of renewable energy and improving social welfare. This talk introduces the value of three commercial lithium-ion battery chemistries - LFP, NMC, and NCA, across the nine wholesale electricity markets in North America. Instead of looking at their manufacturing cost, in this study, we derive the battery value based on their profit opportunities combining their degradation characteristics with the market dynamics, using a systematic dynamic programming approach. Our result shows battery value varies significantly across markets and chemistries. Finally, we also investigate future battery design space by comparing the marginal benefits of extending battery cycle life versus calendar life.

Supporting energy demand in low income settings and decarbonization in high income settings through satellite and field data

Abstract: In New York State, our laboratory (Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab: is working on challenges of decarbonization of the electric grid, buildings and transport. In low income settings, our laboratory is working on granular demand estimation in some countries of sub-Saharan Africa with the explicit goal of enhancing the effectiveness of investments and the well-being of the populations. 

Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center

Fall 2021 Kickoff Event

Friday, September 17, 2021, 12-1pm

All undergrads, MS, PhD, & Postdoc students are welcome!

Join and learn about the research and events happening in Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center


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1/18/19: Prof. Byungha Shin, KAIST

1/25/19: Nick Brady/Jack Davis, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

2/15/19: Daniel Esposito, Solar Fuels Engineering Lab at Columbia

3/1/19: Jake Russell/Anna Dorfi, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

3/15/19: Alex Couzis, CCNY/Urban Electric Power

4/26/19: Jon Vardner/Steven Denny, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

5/10/19: Qian Cheng/Brian Tackett, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

9/20/19: Prof. Dan Steingart, Co-Director of CEEC

9/27/19: Aykut Aksit, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

                  Rebecca Ciez, Princeton postdoctoral fellow

10/11/19: Dr. Nongnuch Artrith, Research Scientist at Columbia

10/25/19: Prof. Lauren Marbella, Dept. of Chemical Engineering

11/1/19: Emily Hsu, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

                  Dr. Amir Zangiabadi, Director of Electron Microscopy Labs

11/22/19: Prof. Bruce Usher, Director of Tamer Center, Columbia Business School

12/6/19: Dr. Kathy Ayers, VP of R&D at Proton Onsite / Nel Hydrogen

2/7/20: Prof. Yuan Yang, Dept. of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

2/14/20: Darren Hammell, Executive VP of Business Development, Princeton Power Systems Visiting Fellow at Princeton

4/17/20: Jianzhou Qu, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

4/24/20: Wesley Chang, Ph.D. Student at Princeton

5/1/20: Karthik Mayilvahanan, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

6/26/20: Rob Mohr, Ph.D. Student at Columbia

                  Sophie Lee, Ph.D. Student at Drexel

7/10/20: Luis Rebollar, Ph.D. Student at Drexel

                  Dr. Oliver Harris, Tang group at Drexel 

7/17/20: Prof. Scott Moura, UC Berkeley

7/31/20: Peter Godart, Ph.D. Student at MIT

8/7/20: Dr. Aziz Abdellahi, Principal Scientist, A123 Systems LLC

10/9/20: Richard May/Suman Gunasekaran, Columbia PhD students

10/16/20: Xueqi Pang/Neal Biswas, Columbia PhD students

16/11/20: Prof. Alan West, Dept. of Chemical Engineering

13/11/20: Professor Wyatt Tenhaeff, University of Rochester

22/1/21: Jeff Engler, Founder & CEO, Wright Electric

19/2/21: Zeyu Hui & Drew Ells, Columbia PhD students

12/3/21: Marshall Tekell, Columbia PhD student

19/3/21: Prof. Nitash P. Balsara, UC Berkeley

9/4/21: Dr. Amanda Baxter, Columbia University