CEEC Scholars

As a means of improving diversity and capabilities of their employees, member companies have opportunities to sponsor scholars for studies at Columbia University.  Research projects may be proposed by companies.  Once projects are confirmed to be of mutual interest to CEEC faculty and a qualified scholar is identified, the CEEC will match the scholar with a faculty supervisor.

Scholars may be nominated by the member company, or, if the company requests, CEEC will attempt to assist in recruitment of a potential scholar into the program. Scholars from under-represented groups are particularly encouraged.  In all cases, the scholar must be deemed to be qualified by Columbia.   Scholars may be sponsored through enrollment in a Columbia Master’s program or through Research Training.

Master’s-Degree Scholar

CEEC Scholar Applicants can also apply to a Columbia Master’s program through the appropriate degree-granting department and school.  The students must satisfy all departmental and school admission requirements, and are NOT guaranteed acceptance to the degree program.  Acceptance decisions are at the discretion of the admitting school and department.  If admitted to the Master’s degree and selected as a CEEC Scholar, the sponsor company will:

  • pay directly the student’s Master’s tuition to the relevant school.   A typical Master’s student will be in residence between one and half and two years. 
  • provide CEEC a minimum of 50K/scholar to cover research costs.  The cost is in addition to membership fees.

Research Training Scholar

Modeled after the highly successful STEM-Bridge program, the Research Training route is designed to provide scholars exposure to University research prior to application for an advanced degree. A typical Research Trainee is in residence for one year. Scholars are appointed as a researcher with a stipend determined by the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).  While in residence, students may also elect to take courses.  Students can opt to receive from SEAS a Certification of Professional Achievement (CPA) if they satisfy the course requirements for a CPA (https://engineering.columbia.edu/non-degree-special-programs/certificates). Although students with non-engineering backgrounds such as policy or business are eligible to participate in the program, the CPA option is only available through SEAS. For costs associated with sponsoring a Research Trainee, please contact a CEEC co-director.