Columbia Engineering Electrochemical Center Internship Fund

The Columbia Engineering Electrochemical Energy Center aims to address climate change through the development of electrochemical methods that enable large-scale deployment of renewable electricity generation and electric vehicles as well as exploiting abundant renewable electricity sources for clean production of chemicals and fuels.

In order to advance the mission of the Center, we are pleased to announce the CEEC Internship Fund. The Fund will support an annual cohort of students who are accepted as summer interns in the CEEC lab. Columbia is in a unique position to propel new forms of cross-disciplinary foundational and translational research in this area, and the interns will be learning from, and working with, a core group of faculty with expertise spanning multiple disciplines.

The CEEC Internship Fund aims to support 10 undergraduate and masters’ students each summer. At a cost of $5,000 per student, the entire Fund will require $50,000 in annual operation fees. Additionally, faculty members will contribute a $3,000 match for each student intern, helping to defray the cost of summer living expenses. This total financial support of $8,000 per student will help ensure that all selected participants, regardless of their economic circumstances, are able to fully engage in this unique and enriching summer experience.

The greatest resource the CEEC possesses is the people involved: the faculty, students and postdocs – this talent enables us to attract the additional needed talent. To continue on this trajectory, we must provide the needed funds to propel this talent and these ideas. The CEEC kindly seeks annual current use support for this program at the level of $5,000 for one student or $50,000 for the entire cohort. Alternatively, a gift of $100,000 will endow a singular internship in perpetuity, ensuring that this opportunity remains economically viable for all students for years to come.

Donors should contact CEEC co-director Alan West ([email protected], (212) 854-4452).