Columbia Engineering for Humanity

Undergraduate education

The School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University offers several courses with an emphasis on electrochemical energy used to satisfy degree requirements across the school. These courses are taught by the core and affiliated faculty members at CEEC.

MS Programs

We emphasize training in electrochemical energy at the graduate level across multiple departments in the engineering program at Columbia to provide opportunities for a wide range of backgrounds. Students can currently obtain MS degrees with a concentration in electrochemical energy in chemical engineering. For more information on the MS program at Columbia, follow the links below.

MS in chemical engineering with a concentration in electrochemical energy

PhD Programs

PhD students are the lifeblood of CEEC.  Doctoral students interested in working with CEEC apply to the relevant Department (for example, Chemical Engineering, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical  Engineering, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering).  Admission decisions are at the sole discretion of the Department.  Students would typically apply to the Department that most closely aligns with the student's background and interest, as well as the home department of their   desired research advisor.

CEEC Scholars

As a means of improving diversity and capabilities of their employees, member companies have opportunities to sponsor scholars for studies at Columbia University.  Research projects may be proposed by companies.  Once projects are confirmed to be of mutual interest to CEEC faculty and a qualified scholar is identified, the CEEC will match the scholar with a faculty supervisor. For more information, follow the links below.

CEEC Scholars