Nobel Prize for development of Li-ion batteries

October 09, 2019

CEEC and SEAS is proud to honor this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners, Professor John Goodenough, Professor Stan Whittingham and  Dr. Akira Yoshino. These three researchers tamed one of the most violent and unstable elements and over four decades led the engineering charge to turn reaction so safe we can use it in our pockets without a second thought. The ubiquity of the lithium ion battery is a testament to the impact of this innovation. Four decades ago this was a completely chaotic reaction, and now there are billions of these batteries that behave more predictably than any battery that preceded it. To get this done these three luminaries motivated and enabled entire branches of materials science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering. CEEC faculty Dan Steingart (EEE, ChemE, co-director) and Yuan Yang (MSE) share their enthusiasm and weigh in on the prize on Gizmodo.